How to resolve a DPV Error 20120 and LACS error 20150 in Finalist

Operating System: z/OS, Windows, Unix



The following errors may occur running a batch Finalist job:

ERR;calldpv:0542;3804;20120;DPV Err;20120 DPV Processing Error Call PB-DMT tech support Case 0 DPV0

ERR;calllacs:0313;3804;20150;LACSLink Err;LACS Error: Function Name: callLacsInit Msg: Error Opening LACS Security File


These errors indicate that your Finalist job was not able to find or open the DPV and LACS security files. This generally happens when you execute the job (or batch file that invokes the job), from a different directory where the security files are (finalist/bin --$ and$) or these files are not defined in your mainframe JCL.


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
For windows and Unix, the solution is to copy the file “$” from the “finalist/bin” directory to the directory where your DPV databases reside (dpvs.db, dpvh.db, etc.) and the file “$” to the directory where your LACS databases reside (llk.db).  Once you do this, you should be able to run the job from any location since Finalist will pick the security files from the location it reads its DPV and LACS databases.  For mainframe, make certain the LLKSUD and DPVSUD files are defined in your JCL.