Resolve erratic behavior when using a % followed by numerals in an entry field in EngageOne

Product Feature: Interactive Editor (ActiveX)


Erratic behaviour when using % followed by numerals in an entry field

If an editable paragraph ("free text" field) is edited such that it ends with the '%' symbol followed by numerals (spaces are irrelevant), then the behavior of the cursor over the '%' and the spaces surrounding it, as well as the display of that section, appears to become a "mirror" image of the actual content.

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The error was caused by the introduction of Arabic (RightToLeft) support, introduced in 5.6.1901 / 6.0.845.

Cursor movement behaves in Arabic (RightToLeft) fashion when % is followed by number at end of paragraph.


UPDATED: November 6, 2017
Upgrade to 6.0.1732 (M5 releases) or 6.0.1809 (M6 releases) respectively.