Resolving "The RPC server is unavailable", "Access is denied"," Interface not supported", "The remote procedure call failed", "The remote procedure call failed and did not execute" in Portrait Dialogue.


Portrait Dialogue shows the following errors:

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Two of the errors mentioned above:
The RPC server is unavailable and Access is denied are described in the Portrait Suite Installation Guide (page 65), Client Installation Guide (page 14) 

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Error occurred when trying to connect to 'MHDialogServer.MHSystemAPI@DIALOGSERVER' : The RPC server
is unavailable.

This error typically occurs if your computer is not ableto communicate using COM+ and RPC to the DialogueServer. 
Check the following:

• That the Dialogue Server Host name is correct

• That there are no firewalls preventing your computer
communicating using COM+ and RPC with the Dia
logue Server Host server.

Error occurred when trying to connect to 'MHDialogServer.MHSystemAPI@DIALOGSERVER' : Access is denied.

This error typically occurs when your computer is able to communicate with the Dialogue Server, but your windows user account is not allowed access to the
Dialogue Server COM+ components. Check the follow ing:

• That your user account is allowed “Distributed COM
Access” to the Dialogue Server. Contact your net
work administrator to verify this.

• The Dialogue Server has a local group called “Dis
tributed COM Users” make sure that your windows
account is added to this group directly or via other
domain group’s memberships.

The RPC server was flooded and choked as resending never stopped.

RPC errors when trying to do anything in Visual Dialogue. 
Constant retrying usually seems to get you in to Visual Dialogue. 
Portrait Dialogue error messages (see attachment)

Errors include:
Interface not supported
The remote procedure call failed
The remote procedure call failed and did not execute
The RPC server is unavailable

These errors normally happen when the database is unreachable by the RPC service, or where the DCOM settings are not correctly setup.

This error, "RPC Error, RPE Service unavailable" was stopped by stopping the automatic execution of 2 dialogues.

We believe that the initial blocks began because of a failover on the database cluster where only one node functions with Dialogue. This resulted in some bad transactions which were unable to complete. On top of that, these operations were set to run every nn minutes and the retry was set to 3 resulting in the system getting flooded with attempts to communicate with the database.

The operations were set waterfall execution and restarted and everything went back to normal.


UPDATED: September 4, 2017
This issue was solved by stopping the dialogs that were executing every few minutes, changing the operation to waterfall execution, and restarting.

Something happened to cause an initial problem. 
Certain dialogs were set to run every few minutes, with retry set to 3.