Resolving - Dialogue EmailMessageUrl Scramble parameter does nothing

Product Feature: General

Operating System: Not stated

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The EmailMessageUrl expression function into the message templates is not scrambling the URL despite passing true into the appropriate parameter.


According to Engineering, this parameter "is an old leftover and is not necessary".  Since the MessageID is a GUID it doesn't need to be scrambled.

The bug is that the "Scramble" parameter is present and a required parameter.


UPDATED: September 4, 2017

If you really want it to show up like that you can embed EmailMessageURL expression inside the ScrambleURL expression, like this:  «#ScrambleURL(«#EmailMessageUrl(MessageID, Scramble)»)»

Or better still, you can use "View email in Customer Web" in the Web links section so it shows up as a hyperlink besides being scrambled.