EngageOne server - Doc1 Gen upgrade - Error while composing a document

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade



EngageOne server - Doc1 Gen upgrade - Error while composing a document


System Information EngageOne GA-3.1.021621.11
Generate 6.0.1740.0 Interactive Editor 6.0.1564

Customer upgraded EngageOne server to Doc1gen 6.0.1740.0. Template is still in version 6.0.1564.

Below were the process of upgrade steps: DOC1Gen repackaging To upgrade the DOC1Gen within EngageOne, follow the steps below:
1. Back up the original doc1gen directory and keep in a safe place. This directory is located at \server\doc1gen.
2. Copy doc1gen-servermode.ops file from \server\doc1gen and keep it in a temporary place to reuse with the new version.
3. Remove all content of the \server\doc1gen.
4. Copy the entire content of the newly distributed doc1gen to \server\doc1gen. The final content of the doc1gen directory should have all the new DLL and executables directly under \server\doc1gen.
5. Copy the original saved copy of the doc1gen-servermode.ops file from step 2 to the \server\doc1gen. Replace any that may exist.
6. Create a backup of your deployed EngageOne.ear and keep in a safe place
7. Update the 'DOC1GenVersion' version within a new copy of the deployed EngageOne by updating the EngageOne.ear\eadmin.war\EngageOneVersion.xml to include the new version of the doc1gen.
8. Repackage EngageOne.ear with the newly updated EngageOneVersion.xml and redeploy the application to the target server(s).

When tried to run a document, received the following error: CompositionExpection: Error occurred while getting Document composer.  Composition Request information are not available yet.  Error occurred while getting Document Composer.



UPDATED: September 1, 2017

Customer reported that the old doc1gen folder one had 118 files, the new doc1gen folder only 92.   After verifying the size of the DOC1Gen  6.0.1740 (32-bit) has 115 files, (64-bit) has 92 files.  The customer must download the wrong file.  It is User Error.