Unable to switch OFF tracking on Plans in Sagent

Product Feature: Repository



Unable to switch OFF tracking on Plans.


Designed behavior.


UPDATED: November 22, 2017

The behavior is not wrong, check the Sagent Admin Guide section “Tracking User Information,  it mentions "using the feature you can Identify the BaseViews and the corresponding databases that are accessed when plans are executed".
The Sagent repository tables- SARP_TRACK_USER, SARP_TRACK_PLAN,SARP_TRACK_STEP, and SARP_TRACK_TABLE are used to maintain user information. The SARP_TRACK_PLAN table contains information on all the plans that were executed in a particular user session.
Now when the Track User session check box is selected in Sagent Admin, the entry in Sarp_track_table contains the session id information for the plan execution, if  user disables the Track User session check box option and select the “Track plan execution” check box then user will find entry in sarp_track_table without session id.
So this is correct and expected behavior.