Resolve issue with no Portrait Interaction Optimizer prompts being returned from the call to the GetActions operation

Interaction Optimizer version 5.5


In Interaction Optimizer (IO) v5.5, the IO web service's GetActions operation runs successfully, but no recommendations are returned, despite the target customer being eligible for at least one recommendation.


When the IO service applies the Prioritization Strategy to rank the returned recommendations, the limit to the number of recommendations returned is also applied. The requested recommendation limits are passed from the client application to the GetActions operation via the ActionLimits input. The ActionLimits input is of type Data Object Collection (DOC).
The algorithm used to apply the recommendation limiting incorrectly interprets an empty ActionLimits collection (i.e. present, but with zero items), resulting in all recommendations being removed, rather than simply limiting their number.


UPDATED: April 26, 2017
Ensure that the ActionLimits input to the GetActions operation is either
  • not supplied at all (if you don't wish to limit the number of recommendations returned), or
  • contains at least one item.
The releases of Interaction Optimizer immediately after v5.5 fix this issue by treating an empty ActionLimits collection in the same way as an unsupplied ActionLimits collection. No limiting of recommendations is performed in either scenario.