BPA 9 crash during export from all workflows

Product Feature: Workflow

Operating System: Windows 2008 64bit



BPA 9 crash during export from all worklfows.


BPA 9 Server crashes during the export from all workflows.

Following configuration: Server Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Bit Complete Installation (Execution Server, Management Server, Agent, Development Tools) v9.0.4.5 .Net Framework 4.0.30319 DataStore dedicated MS SQL-Server

During the workflow export from all workflows the BPA 9 Server crashes exactly after one minute. Obviously it is a timeout problem. If few workflows exported and where the export duration is under one minute it works. But as soon as the time is over one minute the Server crashes. If export over a dedicated Client it crashes also after one minute.


UPDATED: December 27, 2017
Network Automate suggest that the client use the 'Data Store Migration Utility' instead of attempting to export the entire contents of the SMC across the network.


The process is the same for BPA Server 9.