ERROR 99999 in EngageOne Vault


EngageOne render service getting crash with an Error 99999.
ERROR 99999: structured exception, name [Rendering Engine], version [6.0M1p0062] 
exception record, code [0xC0000005], flags [0x00000000], address [0x00515831] 
exception parameter, index [0], value [0x00000000] 
exception parameter, index [1], value [0x0000000C] 
<Host IP: Port> <render1> render.transform returned data, [3391904] bytes, elapsed [1836334] 
<Host IP: Port><server1> ERROR 71521: request cancelled


It has been identified as a defect in EngageOne Vault release prior to 6.1m0p120.


UPDATED: January 17, 2020
Upgrade to EngageOne Vault 6.1m0p120 or later release.