Geocoding service has license error on Envinsa 4.4



Envinsa server shows “Invalid License File” or “Invalid file” and prevents the geocoding service from working.


Some customers have Envinsa geocoding licenses set to expire on 12/31 every year, as these were the hardcoded expiration dates set within the product. Envinsa doesn’t have true licensing like other Software products, where you need to request a license. Envinsa geocoding license is provide as part of the data and is not really known to the client.


UPDATED: May 6, 2020
To resolve this issue, first determine the MapMarker data version being referenced by going to the following directory:

The .LIC in the above directory will reference a two digit MapMarker vintage, such as 22, 23, etc.

Please request an extended Envinsa geocoding license that matches the two digit .LIC file already being referenced by the Envinsa server.

Also, rename the newly extended Envinsa geocoding license, such that it is labeled identically to the pre-existing Envinsa geocoding license.

If the issue is unresolved after following these steps, contact technical support for further assistance.