Resolve issue where the Decision Studio tool in Portrait Miner opens with a seemingly blank or empty focus

Product Feature: Installation



After logging in to the Miner server and opening a focus, Decision Studio launches but it contains no data.  


Portrait Miner is typically installed as a client/server application.  When launched, the software establishes a two way communication between the server and the client. The behavior reported results from the inability of the server to initiate communications back to the client machine. 

There are a few common causes:

  • A firewall between the client and server machines,
  • A network address translation (NAT) device between client and server.
  • The client system has two network adapters with different IP addresses i.e. one for the local area connection and one for a wireless network connection.



UPDATED: July 27, 2017

Portrait Miner client-server communication is not supported through a firewall or a NAT device.

  • If it is a firewall you might try disabling it to test or check what has been logged for blocking and then allow the Portrait Miner application as an exception.  For instance, create an inbound rule in Windows firewall to allow:  <pmhome>\client\jre\win32\1.6.0_21\bin\jdecisionhouse.exe
  • Portrait Miner can also be configured to run on a restricted range of ports, which can then be opened in the firewall.  Refer to the Portrait Miner Administration Guide for details.
  • If required as an alternative, use a virtual private network (VPN), or a remote desktop system.
  • If you are connecting on a machine with a wireless network adapter try disabling it while connected directly and see if that helps.