Resolve the "Side Location Conflict" error using "Query Spatial Data" stage in Spectrum

Products affected: Spectrum™, MapInfo Pro™


A "Side Location Conflict" error is thrown when using "Query Spatial Data" stage in Spectrum.


This issue is most typically caused by by spatial anomalies such self-intersections in the data.


UPDATED: December 5, 2019
To resolve this issue, use MapInfo Professional to "clean" the data using an "objects->clean" operation.
Some intersections may not be fixed in this way, depending on node snapping tolerance etc.
User's may need to manually edit the spatial data to resolve these issues using
MapInfo Pro.

In spectrum, use the IsGeometryValid operation in the Spatial Calculator stage to find the invalid polygons..

There is also a GeometryValidator available with the Spectrum product.
Documentation can be found here: