Spectrum Enterprise Geocoding Module (EGM) error "country: null is not configured or invalid."

Product Affected: Spectrum - Enterprise Geocoding Module
Product Feature: Data Quality / Return Codes


In Spectrum's Management Console, the Enterprise Geocoding Module (EGM), throws an error message "country: null is not configured or invalid.".
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A similar error is thrown when the same address is accessed via URL:

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Possible causes:
  1. Country field not being mentioned in the input for the geocoder. Some geocoders are country-specific such as GBR, USA, etc. The country field is still required.
  2. In the URL, there is a possibility that the parameters are not constructed well and the URL has incorrect dataset name or has some syntax issues.


UPDATED: August 30, 2019
To resolve the issues:
1. Enter the correct value in the Country field. This applies to both Management Console as well as in the URL.

2. Make sure the URL has correct Spectrum server name, port number, dataset name and parameters correctly mentioned
For an example, the sample URL has all information correct but is missing an ampersand (&) between 3000 and Data.Country.