Resolve "20000 DPV Processing Error" executing Finalist

Operating System: z/OS
Products Affected:  Finalist



Executing Finalist and getting error "Failure on pbfninit. rc = 20000 DPV Processing Error Not enough memory for DPV Zip Table".


This error indicates there is not enough memory to load the DPV Zip table. Specifically, the REGION size specified on the jobcard/EXEC statement is not large enough.


UPDATED: August 30, 2017
Check the REGION size on the jobcard and/or EXEC statement.  We recomment this be set to 0M.  If it is set to 0M and the problem persists, there might be internal administrative restictions on the use of 0M.  In this case, the recommendation would be to change the REGION size to a minimum of between 500M to 800M.