Error reading the data frame in EngageOne Generate V5/V6

Product Feature: Doc1gen



EngageOne Generate fails with data frame errors.


When running Doc1gen the following error is received:
GEN0128A Hip loading failed, reading the dataframe component from the HIP file failed


UPDATED: October 10, 2019
This is usually caused by duplicate entries in the global record list, and can be rectified by doing the following:

1. Backup your repository
2. Check the global record list in the formatted data tab within the data format
3. Identify the duplicate records
4. Return to the data records, and add a unique identifier to the end of the affected record
5. Save the data format
6. Go back to the global record list, and you should now see the record that you have renamed, and the same record without the renaming, remove these records

Once this is done, rebuild your HIP, and rerun Doc1gen