Resolve issue where application fails with "Invalid Variable Data" errors in DOC1 Generate

Product Feature: Data Format Editor


Application that was previously working, now failing in V6 with "invalid variable data" errors.


Caused by change to product that was switching integer field to a number when data was changed within the data format.

This was making the comparison values invalid, if the field is an integer and the comparison value is either an integer, string or number, as long as it matches, it will process as required.  The change to a field type of number was making the comparisons invalid, causing Doc1gen to fail.


UPDATED: November 13, 2017
This is being rectified, but you should check the field involved to confirm that it is still set to an integer in the data format, if not, view properties, change type to integer, save the data format and rebuild HIP.

Only happens with XML data.