Resolve error 'Unable to open ext ResourceBundle PSSConnector' generated by data build commands (DBC) in Portrait Miner

Products Affected: Portrait Miner/Spectrum Miner
Product Feature: Data Build Utilities
Operating System: Windows


Trying to use any of the Portrait Miner data build commands (DBCs), when the PSSConnector is configured to allow connections to other products in the Portrait Suite, can result in the error:

"Unable to open ext ResourceBundle PSSConnector"


The required library file is not being detected.


UPDATED: April 19, 2017
Add the path to the required file to the CLASSPATH in the %pmhome%\ext\PSSConnector\setup.dat file in the Portrait Miner desktop or server installation:

set CLASSPATH=${CLASSPATH}${;}${QSHOME}${/}ext${/}PSSConnector${/}resources.jar

Note that if you are also running Portrait Miner in client/server mode, this file will also have to be modified to include another PSSConnector library file:

set CLASSPATH=${CLASSPATH}${;}${QSHOME}${/}ext${/}PSSConnector${/}lib${/}PSSConnector.jar