Resolve error viewing map config: resource not found in Stratus



Uploading a table, creating a map config and trying to view the map config produces the error:
"Resource not found".


To resolve:

Re-set permissions on the map configuration as it may be the known issue reported previously as a bug.

One of the tables or layers may have been assigned admin only permission.
Two known cases when permissions are not set:
(1) When uploading a Map which already exists (to replace the one already there), if there is a new table included in the map then the new, Named Table will not inherit the map's permissions. It will get set to admin only. This then causes the map render to fail when logged in as another user since that user cannot access the table. Existing tables that are replaced do not have this issue.  They continue to retain their permissions.
(2) When uploading a Map which has had labels turned on or has had one of the following thematic maps added to any layer (Pie Chart, Bar Chart or Graduated Symbol), then the new, Named Layer gets created for the label. The new, Named Layer will get set to admin only instead of inheriting the same permissions as the map. This also causes the map render to fail. Uploading a map where the Named Layer already exists is OK.


UPDATED: April 26, 2017
 To re-set permissions, go to the permissions tab:
  • Choose the relevant map configuration
  • Add or remove permissions for any role
  • Save it
  • Then revert the change made above
  • Save it
 This will cause permissions to be saved to all of the maps, layers and tables used by the map configuration.