Resolve the ERM exception "Path could not be calculated" in Spectrum

Products affected: Spectrum™ Technology Platform


Error "Path could not be calculated" displayed when running the Enterprise Routing Module. 


This error is typically caused by a route that is blocked by a restricted road. 
To investigate, user should  check the route in question using another tool (for example Google Maps) to see if the same route crosses any restricted roads.


UPDATED: October 29, 2019
Spectrum has a "Fallback" function which will allow the route to be recalculated using only major roads.
For example if the exact route from starting point to end point is not possible, then it will calculate the route from the closest major road from start point to closest major road to end point.

This will always return a successful route; however there are compromises to using this feature. The precision will suffer, as it is dependent on how close the major road is from start point to end point

To enable this feature:
  1. Edit <Spectrum_Install_Directory>\server\modules\routing\ file in a text editor
  2. Un-comment the "allowFallback=false" option and set it to true
  3. Save the file
  4. Restart the server