Resolve error "Vault.findDocument Exception : cannot find the document " where User is unable to return more than the first document in EngageOne Vault

Product Feature: Render


User is programmatically accessing documents vault via SOAP web services and although we are aware that more than 1 document exists for a specific account for a specific day, vault is returning an error:

Vault.findDocument Exception : cannot find the document [db=default, acct=xxxxxxxxxxxxx, date=2014/01/22, fmt=afp, file=20140124141626---xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi-output-afp600-08121-2401-fri-process-afp-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, pointer=0000005000000285

This pointer id is from the second document.


Caused by indexerd indexes with reversed continued searches setting the search direction improperly after the first hit resulting in a single result instead on N results.


UPDATED: November 13, 2017
Rectified by upgrading to Vault patch 6.1M0p0123.