Setting automatic Street Work noticing on a Job Type in Confirm


Street Work Notices are not automatically created from Jobs in Confirm.


The Job Type needs to be configured so it automatically creates a Street Work Notice.


UPDATED: December 10, 2019
There is a setting for automatic noting. Select the type of noticing that should be used for this Job Type. Select from:
  • 'None Required' - No Street Works Notice is required for this Job Type. The 'Notice' button will be disabled on the Job and Order Job screen if this Job Type is selected.
  • 'Manual Noticing Only' - Street Works Notices are required, but these must be manually created from the Job or Order Job using the 'Notice' button.
  • 'Initial Notice Manually Raised' - The first Street Works Notice must be manually created. Subsequent versions of the Notice will be automatically generated when the Job is updated.
  • 'Automatic Noticing' - Notices are generated automatically. For every Job of this Type the following triggers must be in place for Street Works Notices to be created: 
It is worth noting that setting up Automatic Street Works Noticing will increase the amount of time it takes to do Job Batch Updates as the process now has to retrieve Street Works data too.
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