Resolve error where Spectrum 9.0 cannot start due to PersistenceException in Wrapper.log

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

Operating System: Windows 2008 R2



After shutdown of Spectrum 9.0, Spectrum was unable to be restarted. Wrapper.log revealed the following error:

WrapperSimpleApp Error: Caused by: com.pb.spectrum.api.persistence.PersistenceException: Unable to locate index: platform-TypeMetadata_pk


In searching the server for the file, the file did exist, but something was wrong with it, preventing the startup. The file is a database file, and is server specific, so it needed to be recreated to resolve the potential corruption. 


UPDATED: April 11, 2017
***This will cause users and security to be lost, dataflows will be deleted***
  1. Backup the "/server/app/repository/store/databases/spectrum" directory
  2. Rename the "/server/app/repository/store/databases/spectrum" directory; this will force Spectrum to recreate the databases from scratch
If troubleshooting did not resolve your issue, contact technical support for further assistance.