Resolve issue where install is stuck at "Installing… Refreshing Environment" step in Spectrum v9



Spectrum v9 install gets stuck at "Installing… Refreshing Environment" step, uninstalling and re-installing does not help.

Installing previous versions of Spectrum i.e. v8 produces same results.

Spectrum v9 previously installed on the same machine with no issues.



The issue is with the InstallAnywhere program we use to install Spectrum.



UPDATED: October 23, 2017
Certain applications running on Windows might cause the hang but is unknown which ones, nor the root cause.

The solution is to kill the process (using Task Manager) or stop the program that is causing the hang.

The challenge is to identify the culprit since the install doesn't get far enough to create install logs. 

List of programs that we have been found to cause the hang:

- iMindMap. 
- Office Communicator