Resolve receiving an SL match code for the Indian geocoder in Spectrum

Product Feature: World Component

Operating System: Windows 2008



User receives the SL match code for the Indian geocoder.


The SL code indicates that the geocoder is returning the Sub Locality.


UPDATED: October 20, 2017
The highest level of accuracy is the Address Point. Given the address structures and patterns of India, (40% are un named streets) Sub Locality is widely accepted by most of the customers in the Indian Market.
The following is the order of highest level of accuracy to lowest:
Address Point/Point of Interest
Street Centroid
Sub Locality Centroid
Postal Centroid
Geographic Centroid


Sub Locality

  • An area which has diameter of 500 m or less is known as sub locality as per Indian administration.
  •  Sub locality mainly indicates block, sector and pocket and shorter area as compared to locality.
  • Plays an important role in Indian geocoding in terms of accuracy and match rates.
  •  Sub locality is represented by ‘SL’   precision code.
  • RSL represents the precision code for Reverse Geocoding