Extra Pages reported in Vault Audit Report


There seem to be extra pages reported in the Vault Audit Report. 

I ingested a one page AFP document.  Then I ran the Audit Report and it said that two pages had been ingested.

This counts against the licensed limit on number of pages per month.  Can this be correct?



Note that the D| record clearly shows only 1 page

Audit report:
"File Name","File Date","Error","Profile","Resource Set","Uncompressed","Compressed","Pages"

2 pages


UPDATED: September 18, 2017
The load process generates an additional compressed page for AFP documents. This is caused by the way it splits pages on the end page (EPG) structured field. This typically leaves a final "page" containing only an end document (EDT) structured field.
(Other formats such as Postscript and Metacode can also produce additional compressed pages.)
While this number does count against the total pages per month, that limit has a 10% grace margin where it will produce an error message but won't suspend load operations.
The audit and page per month enforcement count all the compressed pages in the .drp file. 
The number of compressed pages in the .drp file does not always match the logical number of pages in the print stream it was loaded from. 
There are a number of cases where extra housekeeping pages are added as part of the load process. 
AFP normally adds a trailing compressed page, Metacode can add a variable number of pages for inline resources, Postscript adds 1-2 pages for the header data. 
So the number in the audit and page per month check does not precisely match the number of pages that were actually loaded. 
This is one of the reasons the pages per month check does not stop load operations until the pages per month are 10% larger than the limit specified in the licence. 
There are environments where this could be a problem. For example if every job is a single page job, the page counts will be double the actual total number of pages. 
However, loading an individual document or page in a job is not recommended. Each job creates a set of associated data files in Vault. The more of these files you have, the more load on the file system it generates. So it is always preferable to batch documents together in larger streams (though you always need to keep the compressed sizes below the 4GB limit). 
Vault does not maintain a precise count of pages loaded from the original print stream. You can estimate some simple case (AFP, n-1) but not in general.