Resolving "Query returned no data" from adhoc reports in Portrait Explorer

Product Feature: Results

Operating System: Windows



After generating an adhoc report in Portrait Explorer 4.0A, the Excel file doesn't show the expected crosstab data and instead contains the message "Query returned no data".

This only happens when the crosstab is built using fields with names containing non-ascii characters.


The field names are passed to the web server as part of a URL, the non-ascii characters are not encoded correctly so fail to match the dataset field names used in Explorer. 

This results in no data being returned to the report in Excel.


UPDATED: September 4, 2017
A hotfix is available for the report templates installed on the server, to ensure the web encoding is UTF-8, ensuring non-ascii characters are passed correctly in the URL.

See attached file.

Also available on our ftp site, contact Support for further information.