Resolve "Plugin Export list to Portrait Dialogue is not configured properly" error when exporting from Spectrum/Portrait Miner into Dialogue

Product Feature: Integration with Dialogue



Trying to export a list or score from Spectrum/Portrait Miner to Portrait Dialogue gives the error:

Plugin Export list to Portrait Dialogue is not configured properly

and no wizard popup appears.


This error happens when any of the values configured in the <pmhome>\ext\millionhandshakes\javastartup.xml file are incorrect or unsuitable.


UPDATED: July 28, 2017
To obtain a more detailed error on what is failing, create a new folder called 'Internal' in the Spectrum/Portrait Miner client installation <pmhome>\shared\logs folder.

Restart Spectrum/Portrait Miner and attempt the export list/score operation again.

Now view the <pmhome>\shared\logs\Internal\Decisionhouse3193.log file, this will contain more details on what in particular is failing.

Depending on the error in the log file, things to check are:
  • Ensure the Portrait Dialogue connection details (instance name, user name, password and URL) are correct.  The URL should contain a trailing "/" character.
  • Check that the directory specified for the export/import is accessible to your user without being prompted for a password.
  • Check that 'sqlcmd' or 'sqlplus' executables are on the PATH for your user, so they can be run.

Out of the box, the javastartup.xml file contains:

** The configurable connection values for this installation
<property name="MH_DATABASE_TYPE" value="{one of MSSQL or ORACLE}"/>
<property name="MH_INSTANCE" value="[Million Handshakes Instance]"/>
<property name="MH_USERNAME" value="[Million Handshakes Username]"/>
<property name="MH_PASSWORD" value="[Million Handshakes Password]"/>
<property name="MH_WS_BASE_URL" value="[Million Handshakes Web Service URL]"/>
<!-- *** Where the export from decisionhouse is put *** -->
<property name="MH_EXPORT_DIR" value="[Location to write exported data]"/>
<!-- *** Where the database server reads the file from *** -->
<property name="MH_IMPORT_DIR" value="[Location database reads data from (NOT ORACLE)]"/>
<!-- *** focus is exported in utf8, but converted to local code page, specify your code page here *** -->
<property name="MH_EXPORT_CODEPAGE" value="[US-ASCII,CP1252,MS932 etc]" />
<property name="MH_IMPORT_SQL_CMD" value="[Command Line SQL tool command] ~FILE~ "/>

<!-- NOTE: The above command will be in the form of:
sqlcmd /U [user] /P [passwd] /S [server\instance] /d [database name] /i ~FILE~   for SQL Server (greater than 2005)
sqlplus [user]/[passwd]@[server] @~FILE~           for Oracle

~FILE~ must be in the command line.