Resolve "***Error: no DHServerJQSAPI in java.library.path." in Spectrum/Portrait Miner 7.0A

Norton anti-virus must be present. 


After install  launching the application fails with  ***Error: no DHServerJQSAPI in java.library.path which pops up immediately after the splash screen opens.  


Miner will not launch after what, for all appearances was a successful install. No errors logged during installation process. When the application then was launched by double clicking on the desktop icon the splash screen opened and immediately and error message popped up. ***Error: no DHServerJQSAPI in java.library.path.

The problem occurs because Norton anti-virus quarantines the file file %pm home%\server\qs7.0A\win32\lib\DHServerJQSAPI.dll.



UPDATED: August 18, 2017
In the Norton anti-virus console go to the quarantine area and restore the file file DHServerJQSAPI.dll.