AnySite US 9.1 and Socioeconomic Formula Bug



User's running AnySite 9.1 with r 2012 thru 2015 vintage are noticing strange numbers when outputting the Socioeconomic Score variable.
Numbers such as "0.37", etc.) The numbers should fall between 1 and 100.


The socioeconomic score of a region is a comparative index value ranging from 1 to 100 which indicates the overall social/economic status of an area. Five key contributors to such a score were included in the analysis to produce the results in this dataset. These five characteristics are: Median Household Income, Median Home Value, Occupational Status, Educational Status, and Family-Type Status.

Each populated block group was given a score for each of these categories based upon how it ranked against all other block groups nationwide. Once these scores were computed, an overall score for each block group was computed by combining the individual scores, then the overall scores were ranked. Block groups without population are assigned a zero value.

To move to higher levels of geography, a household weighted average of the intersecting block groups was used. In this manner, a stable score was produced which can be used to compare geographies of varying size and location.

Here's an example to clarify the higher level geography rollup:

Census Tract X has 2 block groups A and B. BG A has 200 households and a Socioeconomic score(SES) of 75. BG B has 100 households and a SES of 30. The SES of the CT will be:

((200 * 75) + (100 * 30)) / (200 + 100) = 60 -- a weighted average of the corresponding SES.

The GroundView™ data comes with pre-defined Averages & Medians. AnySite appends the not summable to the variable description. The not summable Averages and Medians cannot summed with accuracy across geographies and do not give accurate results on most reports. However, the Not summable variables can be used effectively on Detail reports and in Thematics.

The Average & Median variables without the Not summable designation are formulas created within the AnySite that can be summed across geographies.

The SE denominator (do not use otherwise) is an AnySite calculated denominator for use in calculating a "simple average" se score and should not be used for any other type of calculation or measurement. I would not recommend using a simple average.

The aggregate is the sum of scores across a defined area and is used in calculating the average score.

The SE score should fall between 1-100. The formula provided in AnySite is incorrect. The correct formula for sescyx is sesaggcy/hhcy. (This is a weighted average.)

The SES Aggregate figures at the BG level are derived as follows:   BG’s SES score * HH’s
Therefore, the SES score should be calculated as the aggregate SES number divided by the households > sesaggcy/hhcy.


UPDATED: July 26, 2019
To resolve, user's need to create a new custom formula, formatted as an integer, to ouput the correct SE Score.