Resolve chart or image in a table cell being masked with the cell shading in AFP output in EngageOne Designer

Product Feature: Printing-General Output
Versions affected: All V4.x, 5.x and 6.x


A bar chart or image has been placed inside a table cell with a shaded background.  When the AFP is produced, the chart or image is being masked by the shading in the table cell.


This is caused by z-ordering in AFP output (the order items are placed on the page).


UPDATED: September 8, 2017
You can workaround this by removing the shading from the cell, and inserting an image before the chart in the table cell, ensuring that the properties of the image are set to "behind".

For images, a consolidated image that contains both the image and the required shading should be deployed.

The same thing applies to charts inside shaded text boxes.