Resolve Memory Access Violation on the IVP job using Business Merge/Purge Plus on Windows 7

Product Affected: Business Merge/Purge Plus 6.2.0
Environment Details  Product Feature: Running a job
Operating System: Windows 7



Installed Business Merge/Purge Plus(BMP) on Windows 7.  They when you try to run the ivp job, you get a Memory Access Violation error.


The Memory Access Violation error could be a permission error or change in a newer Windows Operating system. 

And the ivp.rlg has this error:
BMP30 ended unsuccessfully


UPDATED: August 28, 2017
Run the setup again, but from the command line this time. Here is how that is accomplished... 
  • start a command prompt and
  • navigate to where the BMP setup.exe is located and
  • type:  setup.exe portable
  • The normal install screens will appear and you can install from there 
Now you can run the ivp job and it should now run fine:
BMP61 ended successfully