One or more not enough records errors detected in name record file using MailStream Plus

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all platforms, all versions


MailStream Plus job is getting this error :
MSRPMD00 W One or more not enough records errors detected in name record file.


There are three normal causes of this error message-

The job contains a OPT FL parameter with an N in position 8, turning off generation of the Name Record Control (NRC) file.

The FILEDF MSNAON record length is not large enough to contain all of the posted data

The total length of the FILEDF MSNAON *and* an optional ADDLBF buffer area for MSNA00 is not large enough to contain all of the posted data.


UPDATED: May 14, 2019
Here is what the MSP Guide says about the error-
One cause of this error is when the NRC file (Name Record Control file) is required, but has been manually turned off with an OPT FL parameter. To resolve this error, remove the OPT FL parameter from the job, or change OPT FL position 8 to a Y.
This can also be caused by the FILEDF MSNAON record length not being long enough for all of the information posted by the POSTxx parameters.
Or, if using ADDLBF to provide an additional NA buffer, the total of the FILEDF MSNAON and the ADDLBF buffer must be large enough to accommodate all posted information.

To resolve this error, ensure that the length for the FILEDF MSNAON is large enough for all of the posted data. Or, if using an ADDLBF parameter, ensure that the combined MSNAON and ADDLBF lengths are adequate.

Below is a case example of using an ADDLBF in a job.
(Note: ADDLBF adds an internal buffer to the records.  Data can be put into it by MSP for use during the MSP job, but the data in it is not written out.  Only the length specified on FILEDF MSNAON will be written out to the output Name-Address file.)


Check the POSTxx parameters.  Are any writing beyond the FILEDF MSNAON length of 463?  In our example, yes, POSTMD is writing to 559-

POSTMD postion 8-10 posts 39 bytes, so is posting from 559-597.

Does your job have the ADDLBF?  yes, in pos 13-16 it is 0077 bytes
ADDLBF      0077

But that is only enough for 540 bytes (FILEDF MSNAON 463 + ADDLBF 77 = 540)

So the ADDLBF needs to be a larger number to account for the POSTMD parameter posting out up to position 597.
The solution is to increase the ADDLBF value in pos 13-16
Once changed to the value 0150, for example, the job ran fine.

ADDLBF      0150

Now the MSNAON 463 + ADDLBF 150 = 613 bytes.  Which is more than large enough for the POSTMD 8-10 to post the 39-byte Mail.dat single piece information within the output-file-length-plus-the-ADDLBF buffer  length.  So it will be posted correctly to the Name Record Control file for use during MSP's processing.