Resolve 'Retrieve treatment' query does not always work correctly in Portrait Interaction Optimizer

The quoted patch is only to be applied to version 5.5 of an existing implementations of Interaction Optimizer.


In Interaction Optimizer (IO) v5.5, the details of an Offer associated with a Marketing Activity are missing from recent IO treatment history.
Specifically, treatments that have been made since the last refresh of the Portrait Data Warehouse appear to have missing Offer details.
The Data Warehouse is typically scheduled to refresh at least every hour.


The 'GetTreatmentHistory' procedure and related IO Data Access Transaction does not retrieve the same columns for 'Offer' from the Data Warehouse as we do from IO treatment staging table.


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
Apply Patch TFS-30414 which is available for download from the Portrait Support ftp site.
Alternatively, contact Portrait Support via email and request the patch.