Resolve MI Pro (32-bit) and 2 gig file size limit

products affected: MapInfo Pro™


MI Pro (32-bit) has a 2 gig file size limit.


MI Pro (32-bit) has a 2 gig file size limit.
Reason: Part of the limit is a Windows limit, part of the limit is built into the Map file, and part is the IND file.

When a file is indexed (in this case the Map file), 32-bit long integer values are used, which creates an index with a 2GB file size.

The normal set of routines from Microsoft (and most other standard C libraries from other vendors) use a 32-bit long integer as the index value. Microsoft does have a different set of routines for reading and writing that use 64-bit long integer values, which would provide indexing into a much larger table. But, MapInfo Pro 32-bit does not currently using those.  So, MapInfo Pro 32-bit is limited to 2GB file sizes.


UPDATED: December 4, 2019
MapInfo Pro version 15.2, 64-bit is the first version that does not have this limitation when saving files as MapInfo Extended *.tab format (also known as MapInfo NativeX *.tab format).