Resolve issue where a Journal is not being created during production run in EngageOne Generate

Product Feature: Printing-General Output

Operating System: Windows


The customer upgraded from 6.0.1242 to 6.0.1418 and now the floating journal is not being created via Generate (Windows). A new Hip had been published after the upgrade.


The publication was published using an AFP and PDF output device.

The 2 journals are tied to the PDF output device.

During the Generate process, the customer was setting the PDF output file to "null" which caused the journals tied to that output device to not be written.


UPDATED: November 6, 2017
The solution was to tie the journals to the output device that actually is written to disk (in this case - AFP).

The journal is tied to a specific output device and therefore the journals are only being created if the output printstream for that output device is created. Logically, this would make sense to only create journals for a specific output only when that output exists.