Increasing Vault Java API maxResults


I would like to remove any limit to the number of documents  the Vault Java API will return and let the application return thousands in the list so I can reprint them in bulk.  Currently I'm getting an error in my API application about too many results.


By default the Vault Java API call Database.getAllAccounts  will only return a maximum of 100,000 results.  If there are more than 100,000 results you'll get this error message:
VaultMain:doSearch()- Error Seems there are too many accounts for [db=provider]; please use Database.getAllAccounts(int maxResults), set up maxResults and a bigger value to call setMax4ThrowException() and try again 
The error message was thrown because the size of the results were larger than (maxResults*2+max4ThrowException).

The default max4ThrowException is 100,000.

If you set up maxResults=100, the threshold of throwing the exception is 100,200.


UPDATED: December 6, 2018
Adjust the value of the maxResults variable to resolve this issue.