Resolve error "ERROR [Receiver-1] SMPPOutboundAdapter.checkForMessageQueueFull" in EngageOne Digital Delivery, formerly eMessaging

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade


Testing the SMS functionality results in the following error in the log4j:

[EM] ERROR [Receiver-1] SMPPOutboundAdapter.checkForMessageQueueFull(521) | SUBMIT_SM_RESP returns Command status = Invalid Destination Address (ESME_RINVDSTADR)(11)

The SMPP simulator log contains the following:

INFO    15 source_addr_npi=0,source_addr=3486,dest_addr_ton=1,dest_addr_npi=1,dest_addr


The DIJ being used does not contain the correct values.


UPDATED: November 13, 2017
The DIJ used for eMessaging must contain the following values in the individual <Document> tag group for the destination address to be picked up:

<Addr line="1"></Addr>