Resolving why does the CIN number values have 260B for the Single rates pieces in the CSM-1159 field code using MailStream Plus

Products Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Environment Details  Product Feature: Mail.dat files
Operating System:  All Platforms



ML TYP 1 L - First Class Letter presort using MailStream Plus™
For single piece letter containers, the Content Identifier Number (CIN) is getting 260B.
This is Field Code CSM-1159.
This job is being questioned about the value B in the 4th byte.

The USPS person does not think the B should be there. It should be blank.
PostalOne! is not giving any error.


At one time the USPS published a file with the CIN codes in it that also included a tie Breaker they do not provide that file anymore.


UPDATED: May 21, 2019
The reason the single rate containers have an alpha code in the 4th position is based on the CIN table in the DMM  These are listed multiple times with different content information the Alpha code is used as a tie breaker.  In MailStream Plus(MSP), an internal table is built for CIN codes with their Value and Human readable values.  When there is a CIN code that has two Human readable content line information values, MSP add’s the tie breaker to the CIN code in the table. MSP has always included this tie breaker value in the CSM Container Label CIN Code field. There are many cases across all classes of mail where there are duplicate CIN codes and we include that in the MAIL.DAT we have done it this way from the beginning of CIN numbers being include in the Mail.dat
The USPS is using the 260 CIN for both First Class Machinable Trays and also for Single PCS Trays.  That is why MSP will add the tie breaking alpha value.
FCM Letters — Nonautomation Machinable
Mixed AADC trays  260
Above MSP uses 260A
FCM Letters — Single-Piece
 Single-piece trays  260
Above MSP uses 260B