PDF output from Doc1Generate V6.x not displaying correctly on portable devices (iPad, iPhone, Android)

Product Feature: Printing\General Output, Product Interoperability



PDF output from V6 not viewing correctly on portable devices, whether viewed using built in viewers or Acrobat Reader.


PDF output created by early 6.x releases of Generate is not displaying correctly on portable devices (iPad, iPhone, Android phone) in certain circumstances.


UPDATED: August 10, 2018
There is a known issue with early versions of 6.x when using font types that we convert to CID when the PDF is built.

We create CID fonts in the PDF when any complex scripts, Double Byte, Unicode or CFF fonts are used, and these do not display correctly on portable devices like iPad, iPhone or Android.

To resolve this, the user would need to upgrade their Designer\Generate environment, and the recommendation is that this should be the latest available in market release.  Contact software.support@pb.com or emeafulfillment@pb.com when a link to download the latest software will be provided.