Resolve "ERROR [SpatialNamedTableManagerService] Unable to add named table:ComEx_NullParameter" in Spectrum Spatial 9.0

Product Feature: Spectrum 9.0

Operating System: Any

Database: Oracle Spacial



Customer is getting an error while adding a database view as a named tab in management console while using Spectrum 9.0.

"ERROR [SpatialNamedTableManagerService] Unable to add named table:ComEx_NullParameter: Specified parameter cannot be null: type for Attribute:GEOLOC.: /NamedTable/Util/test2"


The mapping entry corresponding to the created view is missing the "MAPINFO_MAPCATALOG" table, resulting in the NULL error.


UPDATED: October 23, 2017
  1. In your oracle database, check if "MAPINFO_MAPCATALOG" table exists or not.
  2. If not then download "EasyLoader" from link "".
  3. Now load a sample tab file into Oracle Spatial database using EasyLoader.
  4. This will create "MAPINFO_MAPCATALOG" table automatically.
  5. Also make sure you have a user "MAPINFO" with the password "MAPINFO" in the database
  6. Every new Named table object  "created on a new view object in database having Spatial fields" should be added in "MAPINFO_MAPCATALOG" table manually.
If this does not resolve your issue then contact Technical Support.