Resolve issue where the raster fails to zoom and pan in Exponare


In Exponare Enquiry, when performing map actions such as zoom and pan on raster images in a work-context, map does not seem to respond correctly to those actions. The image briefly appears to zoom/pan but then snaps back to its original state (sort of a rubber-band effect).

Event log will show warnings such as :
The coordinate system of the raster layer with the alias 'Aerial2013Aug_1m' does not match the coordinate system of the work context 'PCC Waste'. This may result in some unpredictable behaviour.


This is caused due to mismatch in projections. The work-context's projection may be different from the projection that was used for raster layer.


UPDATED: August 16, 2017
Change the projection of either the work-context or raster so that they both match.