Resolve issue where a document not displaying in Render client can be viewed as PDF in EngageOne Vault 7

Product Feature: General


After installing Vault 7 Perl to work on IIS it works fine, but when retrieve bill it looks like below image:

User-added image
If you select "view as PDF" the document displays correctly


The image mode has not been correctly set.


UPDATED: November 13, 2017
The image mode displayed in the Render client using Perl is controlled by (found in your sample\scripts folder in the Vault installation).

In here there is a switch:

my $outputmode=

This output mode will equal one of these options:

$outputmode=0;            # GIF
$outputmode=4;            # PNG
$outputmode=10;          # COLLECTION
$outputmode=1;            # HTML
$outputmode=14;          # XML
$outputmode=9;            # TEX
$outputmode=2;            # PDF

You must ensure that the mode selected is covered by your license key