Resolve error "GEN0105A Fatal error has occurred" in DOC1 Generate

Product Feature: DOC1GEN

Operating System: Windows 2008 64bit

Versions:  DOC1GEN 6.0.1835 and 6.0.1955


 DOC1GEN 6.0.1835 and 6.0.1955 will crash with GEN0105A error when there is an active Chart with specific config in the publication.

To recreate:
1. Double-click on the chart.
2. Select 'Data' from the left-hand list of options.
3. Select the problematic field on the right-hand side
4. Scroll through the chart parameters on the top-right and look for 'Label Font'.
5. Note that the setting for the 'Label Font' field is '$Graph'.
6. Close the chart dialog.
7. In the logic map, open the 'Style List (Font Style Sheet)' item.

GEN0105A Fatal error has occurred


This Style List does not have the entry '$Graph'.


UPDATED: November 13, 2017
Add style '$Graph' to this Style List, save and close the active content.

Issue is design / configuration related: Missing font style information in chart is causing DOC1GEN to fail. This is not a software defect, although starting from the following versions of DOC1GEN, a more descriptive error message will be thrown to give a better indication of where the error comes from, i.e. "GEN0457A Unknown style used in a chart ":
- 60M6 Maintenance 6.0.1966.0 
- 6.1 Latest 6.1.1037.0