Resolve the missing Info Tool dialog in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™


When clicking on a map object with the Info Tool, the Info Tool dialog box does not appear.


The Info Tool is working but the resultant dialog box is "off screen" and is not visible.
This is typically caused when the display resolution of the monitor or laptop screen is altered.


UPDATED: December 2, 2019
Here are 3 methods to restore the hidden Info Tool window:

1. Restore the window by creating a workspace
  • Run Notepad in Windows. 
  • Enter the following:
!Version 400
set window info show
set window info position (1.5,2.0) units "in"

User-added image
  • File>Save as INFOTOOL.WOR.
  • Start MapInfo and open INFOTOOL.WOR.
  • The Info Tool window will re-appear on the screen.

2. Restore the window via MapBasic window
  • Open the MapBasic Window in MIPro. Type the following and press ENTER
set window info position (1.5,2.0) units "in" 

User-added image
  • The info tool window will re-appear on the screen.

NOTE: This procedure can be applied to any tool window that exhibits the same "hidden" problem. For instance, if the ruler tool's window is not showing on the screen, change 'info' to 'ruler' in the above command.

3. Restore the window with the Recover Windows button in 64-bit MapInfo Pro
MapInfo Pro 64-bit now includes a button to recover the missing tool window automatically.
It is called "Recover Windows" and is found at the Home tab