Scroll bar in the Legend Window fails to sync in MapXtreme .NET

Product affected: Mapxtreme™


The Scroll bar in Legend Window is not working properly as it does not sync until the button of the mouse is released.


The wrong type of control has been used.


UPDATED: August 30, 2019
Use a picture box control as in this example:

Dim image1 As Image = New Bitmap(lgd.Width, lgd.Height) 

Dim mygraphics1 As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(image1) 
Dim rect As New Rectangle 

rect.Width = image1.Width 
rect.Height = image1.Height 

lgd.Draw(mygraphics1, rect, New Point(0, 0)) 

PictureBox1.Image = image1 
PictureBox1.Width = image1.Width 
PictureBox1.Height = image1.Height