MapMarker Error: unable to install on Unix or Linux Operating Systems

Product affected: MapMarker ™


When trying to install MapMarker (silently) Server on Solaris/Unix system logged in as the Root, client receives following:
ERROR - Unable to locate directory to be manipulated. Deferring.

Or, unable to install MapMarker due to problems with remnants of the previous versions still being on the machine.


The software has previous versions of MapMarker on Server.


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
The Zero G Registry file may be causing the problem and must be moved to another directory.
The file file may be hidden on Unix because of the file name starting with "." dot.

If logged in as the Root, the file is located here:

If not logged in as the Root, the file is located here:
Substituse "user_name" with the appropriate profile name.

Once the MapMarker zero G file is removed from current directory, attempt the new install of MapMarker again.

To search for this hidden file on UNIX, in the command line use:
ls -A