How to resolve MapInfo Pro issue where Symbols lose color (turn black) when printing to PDF

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™


When printing a layout or mapper to PDF in MapInfo Pro, symbols in the output lose their original color and appear black. 


Here is a screenshot showing the original layout with the symbols showing as green and the PDF output showing those symbols as black and not green.
Black symbols shown in the PDF image on the left. Original layout window is on the right-hand side

Black symbols screenshot


UPDATED: December 2, 2019

In MapInfo Pro, go to Pro > Options > Output Settings > Printing tab
Choose ‘Print using Offscreen Bitmap (OSBM)’ for the output method.

Turn OFF enhanced rendering for map windows, first make the map window active then go to Map > Options >Map Options and make sure that ‘Enable Enhanced Rendering’ is unchecked here (first screenshot below illustrates this).

User-added image
After applying the setting for the map window, please do the same for the mapper in the layout window by making it active (double-click or right-click and "activate"), then go to Map > Options >Map Options and make sure that ‘Enable Enhanced Rendering’ is unchecked here as well.
Once this is unchecked, please double-check the Output method under Home > Output > Create PDF then
click on ‘Advanced' to see if the OSBM setting can be selected/retained. If OSBM is selected here, then proceed to print to PDF. If not, try to select it first before printing.


Solution 2:

While in the MapInfo Layout Window, go to Home > Output > Create PDF

and click on the Properties Button.
User-added image

Click on Advanced Options Tab and check the box for Enable Postscript Simulation.
User-added image

Once applied click on PDF Options Tab and check the boxes for the following, highlighted in yellow.
User-added image

Click OK.  Now, when printing to PDF, the street symbol should appear with the correct style.