Resolve mistakes made having already raised and saved a Defect in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product features: Maintenance Management, Condition Survey


You have created a Defect in Confirm®, saved it, but subsequently realise you have made some mistakes. You want to be able to go back and edit the Defect - Is this possible?


You have made some mistakes when originally raising the Defect in Confirm.


UPDATED: October 18, 2017
It is not possible to change the Asset that is associated with the Defect once the Defect has been saved.

You can, however, change the Defect Type to a "No Defect Found" type Defect or perhaps a specially created 'Cancelled' Defect Type.

You can change the Asset on a Job that is linked to a Defect - this action would also change the Asset logged to the Defect.