Resolve blank pages being added in/to a Scheduled Report in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®


You receive a blank page in between the pages of a Report that is generated by the Task Scheduler and subsequently converted to Portable Document Format(PDF).

When you haven't converted the report to PDF and just view the Preview, the Preview does not show the blank pages.

If you generate the Report manually in Confirm® without using the Task Scheduler, the PDF report also does not show the blank pages.


You are seeing a blank page due to the conversion of the Report to Portable Document Format(PDF). Different printers drivers have slightly different tolerance around margins, so printing on two different printers, both set to output to A4 for example, may result in different output.


UPDATED: October 19, 2017
Look at the Preview of the Report in Confirm. If there are any lines or columns, or anything close to the blue line around the perimeter, resize or narrow it so that there is an extra couple of millimetres of space.