Resolve Export list from Portrait Miner to Portrait Dialogue fails with 0 records exported

Product Feature: Integration with Dialogue


When attempting to export a list from Portrait Miner to Portrait Dialogue, the following error is displayed in Decision Studio:

Category value import has failed, expected 1 000 000 values but actual count is 0


This error is displayed when an unsuitable field has been used as the customer identifier.  The export can only work when the customer identifier field selected (for example CustomerNumber) has no missing values (NULLs) and has unique values for all entries.

Crosstab Viewer with functions


UPDATED: April 18, 2017
Ensure a suitable customer identifier field is selected when exporting a list to Portrait Dialogue.

Field statistics can be checked in the Decision Studio tools, e.g use the countnull() and countunique() functions in the Crosstab Viewer to check the customer identifier field is valid.